Subsistence Kayaking – I

 Fredrik Norrsell
A beautiful sunset. The rainy SE alaska has offered more sun than rain.
 Fredrik Norrsell
The first ripe strawberries. What a threat.

Our trip and in SE Alaska is going well. We started in Haines and paddled to Gustavus. Had to take a detour to Juneau to replace a broken fishing rod, but we still have eaten well. The first Salmon have arrived, but we haven’t caught any. Looking forward to them arriving in large numbers. We have primarily subsisted on Dolly Varden, Halibut, Cod, and a mixture of beach greens. Berries has also started to ripen with strawberries being our favorite. Crabs has been hard to catch but delicious when we succeed.

Limpets a tasty treat especially on days with poor fishing.
A delicious dinner with fresh crab, salad, bull kelp and stir-fried veggies.