Canning River

The first trip I guided this summer was a rafting trip for Arctic Wild down the Canning River to the Arctic Ocean. It was a group of enthusiastic friends, that really wanted to see and explore the arctic, which made it lots of fun.


A day hike near the headwaters brought us to this amazing viewpoint.


The flowers was putting on amazing displays everywhere and growing fast in the brief arctic summer. One of the most spectacular sights though was huge fields of cotton grass.


A short but challenging day hike took us into this amazing slot canyon. Ice cold waist deep water was a challenge, but by raising the ISO and braising myself against the rock wall I got a few sharp pictures. Next time, I’ll bring a dry suit and tripod so I can spend more time photographing this amazing location.


Another highlight was encountering a herd of 14 muskoxen. This might be all that remains of the herd in the Eastern Brooks Range. Rumors has it that nobody had seen the herd for the past 5 years. If you look closely the muskoxen looks a little fuzzy, due to a huge swarm of mosquitoes that was surrounding them and soon me too.


Our trip ended with a hike the last few miles to the arctic coast. There was some pieces of ice floating along the coast, but no signs of the true pack-ice. The disappearing of the pack ice is increasing the fetch along this coastline, causing more wave action and erosion.