Sea Kayaking in Prince William Sound

Two day after the finding the Harlequins I was off to work as a documentarian on a Youth SeaKayaking trip in the stunning Prince William Sound. The trip was part of Chugach Childrens Forest and arranged by Alaska Geographic.

Ten Children between 14-16 ears old sea kayaked,had fun, learned about wilderness,  helped with restoring abused campsites, and  picked up beach trash, during this 10-day trip.



Beautiful evening light over Port Nellie Juan.



Campsite in the temperate rainforest by Long Bay.





A trip highlight was the presence of several Humpback whales. Seeing them surface near your kayak really gives you a sense of their enormous size.


Found the Harlequins again

I went back to the river twice more looking for them. The first time I came back with an empty memory card. The second time I found two males who seemed to be courting the same female.They were quite restless this time and moving around the stream in seemingly random patterns making the photography challenging. Normally I observe which direction they are swimming in and position myself in a location without to many alders and willows blocking the view and wait for them to swim by. This time that tactic was quite futile and I came back with only a handful of useable pictures.